How to find a great gift?

What is a great gift really?

There is no one item that can qualify for a great gift. A "Great Gift" is one that expresses the true feelings of the person giving the gift, and evoke feelings of happiness, and wherever applicable, feelings of love and care.

I don't want to brag about myself but somehow when I know someone well, I get a good feeling of what kind of things does that person like, and with a little bit of digging in, tend to find what is it that they would like to have, but don't currently have one. This made me a great "gifter" according to my family and friends and also made me the go-to person for gift ideas. I finally decided to put up this blog with some "general" ideas that may help you narrow down your search, but if you really need some hand holding, feel free to hire me for a fee to give you a more personal list of items for the ones who you would like to find the perfect gift.

Please stay tuned as I start sharing some ideas.