Top 7 Halloween gift ideas for your girlfriend 2017

Halloween is the perfect holiday to make maximum use of if both you and your girlfriend love scary movies and visiting haunted houses. This is when you have the opportunity of making a ‘horror’ holiday into a romantic one by having her hold you tight while watching a scary movie. Halloween brings with it fun, ghosts and frolic, which is best remembered with the following gift ideas:

1. An exotic scary movie collection

As you both love watching scary movies, why not present her a set of movies to watch together? You have the Conjuring or Annabelle series worth buying or if she’s not that much of a scary movie buff, why not watch classics like Clue? It’ll anyway give you an opportunity to spend quality time together this Halloween!

2. Halloween bracelet

Which girl doesn’t love bracelets? This is a favorite accessory for most girls, and if you just don’t know what to buy your girlfriend this Halloween, a spooky Halloween bracelet is just right. Look for bracelets with sparkling rhinestones and glass beads with pumpkin, skulls or any other Halloween related pictures.

3. Halloween themed costume

If you two plan of attending a Halloween party, why not gift her a customized Halloween themed costume to wear for the occasion like a bat or vampire costume? A personalized costume will fit her well, and make her look creepy at the Halloween bash.


4. Gothic necklace

Nothing can perk her attire better than a black gothic Halloween necklace. So if your girlfriend is no so keen with wearing costumes for the party, just gift her necklace which will complement any dress she wears.

5. Personalized coffee mug

Another cute Halloween gift idea for your girlfriend is a customized coffee mug with perhaps a picture of a witch, broomstick, pumpkins or skulls printed on it. The right image will create a cute coffee mug your girlfriend will enjoy drinking her coffee or tea from every morning!

6. Mask

In case your girlfriend has already bought herself a costume to wear to the Halloween bash, you could perhaps gift her a complementing mask like a feline mask. This makes a great surprise gift which will complement most Halloween costumes.


7. Love pillow

Last, but not least, a creepy witch pillow with perhaps images of blood, bones, webs or a skeleton with the words ‘Love’ and ‘Happy Halloween’ printed on it can make a nice gift to Halloween enthusiasts. With the pillow on her bed, she will definitely look forward to sleeping as it reminds her of you every night!