Safety is important while choosing your son’s Halloween costume

Looking for the perfect Halloween costume for your son? Well, it’s no doubt you are flooded, and confused about what to buy with the so many available options! We know how confusing it is, which is why these pointers have been listed out to help you make the right choice!


1. Layers vs thick clothing

Choose based on where you are geographically based as it can get really chilly by the end of October in some places. Your son will be spending quite some time trick-and-treating on the roads, so it’s essential you make him feel comfortable in his costume! If the weather’s expected to be rather cold, look for something with sufficient space to add layers of clothes like thermal clothing under the costume. However at the same time, don’t overdress him by making him wear a thick and heavy costume he’ll find heavy lugging around!

2. Safety takes top priority

Safety is always important, even with your son’s Halloween costume. Your son will be wearing his costume through the day, and night, so you need to ensure nothing goes amiss while he’s enjoying himself. All capes and long tails in the costume should be tucked away to prevent possible of tripping and mishaps. If your son will be wearing a mask, make sure the eye holes are large enough for him to look around without any problem. As your child will be trick-or-treating at night, if he’s wearing a dark-colored costume like Count Dracula’s cape, place some reflective tape on it’s edges. This way he’ll be seen by incoming vehicles. It’s even better if you give him a glow stick to carry around.


3. Involve your son

If your son’s old enough, and has his own designs and aspirations, you can get him involved in the choosing process. Look for something you two will like, like personalized t-shirts or hoodies? It’ll look unique and make your son the eye of envy as his costume will be unique. There are many online sites which will print your son’s favorite spooky friend on a t-shirt or hoodie using the colors he likes. Just make sure you choose the right sized customized attire as you don’t want to repent his not fitting into it later on!

See? Choosing the perfect Halloween costume is not so difficult, as long as you know what you are looking for. You have to take the weather and safety into consideration and, if your son’s up to it, you can also personalize a t-shirt or hoodie to make him stand out from his group while trick-or-treating this Halloween!