How to surprise your girlfriend this Halloween

Nothing is more special to a Halloween enthusiast than receiving some special treatment, gift or surprises that makes this spooky celebration special than the others. If you need some gift ideas to make this year special for your girlfriend this year, these ideas may just be what you are looking for!


1. Spice things up by renting a hearse

Instead of driving in an ordinary cab to a dinner at a nice restaurant, the neighborhood Halloween party or the haunted attraction, why not do something different this time? You could rent a hearse, and make things more haunting and surprising by having a driver from the dark side drive the hearse to her doorstep to pick her up!

2. Book a trip to a creepy destination

If your girlfriend has always dreamt of going on a haunted weekend trip, why not make this a reality now? All you have to do is pick your spooky, creepy destination, and book a night’s stay at your preferred hotel there. You can make things more entertaining if you find out, and stay in hotels that have arranged special themed parties for their enthusiastic guests.

3. Customized halloween costume

If you don’t actually want to go anywhere for Halloween, or if your girlfriend enjoys getting all dressed and made up, you could consider buying the customized special Halloween gift she has been waiting for a long time. Examples are a personalized hoodie, which may cost a bit more than other costumes but is worth buying to see the look of excitement in her eyes! You can then tie a big black ribbon around the gift, and surprise her on with it!

4. Surprise graveyard party

What about throwing a surprise party for your girlfriend? You could have someone keep her busy at the movies while you and your friends decorate your home Halloween style. You choose the theme your girlfriend loves like vampires, a graveyard scene or ghosts, and decorate your home or party venue accordingly. You could make her return even more interesting by carving, lighting and placing a few jack-o-lanterns to welcome her on her return. If her birthday is around the corner then perhaps you could make it a surprise birthday party and have her cake designed as a graveyard or pumpkin patch. Don’t forget to have your friends to buy your girlfriend her coveted Halloween-themed gifts!


No matter what you choose for your girlfriend, you can be assured that she will love your Halloween surprise! Every enthusiast wants to make the best of the season, and there’s nothing better you can surprise her with than a Halloween party or gift she’s always wanted!