How to design the perfect personalized Halloween t-shirts online

Halloween’s round the corner, and instead of throwing a sheet over your head to dress like a ghost as you always do, why don’t you plan and do something new this year? Why not print personalized t-shirts with your favorite Halloween pictures and colors on it for something special? Not only for your personal use, even if you are looking for gifts for your loved ones, or are planning a Halloween themed party, customized Halloween t-shirts add some charm and a special touch to the gift. There are various sites like Customon you can turn to for help while designing your Halloween t-shirts. These sites have easy to follow instructions, and a wide variety of accessories and designs for you to choose from.


The printing process

Upon choosing your favored site, you first have to decide on the number of t-shirts you need, and of course, your budget. This is because while some sites require that you place a bulk order for printing t-shirts, others are more than ready to print a single t-shirt for you. Once this is cleared up, decide and confirm that you want customized t-shirts and not something else like hoodies, tank tops or sweatshirts.

Some of the sites have templates for you to choose your design from, while others have their own personal artists working on site for you to hire for your customization. While choosing from templates take only a few minutes, it can get boring as there may be similar templates in different sites. If you are looking for something special and unique, sites with their personal artists on hand make a better choice. Because in case you don’t like the artist’s existing portraits or designs, you can always have them create a design you have in mind.

The right size and color

The artists charge a nominal fee, which is well worth it as you will be getting a customized Halloween t-shirt in exchange, which will make you the highlight of this year’s Halloween bash! Oh yes, it goes without saying that you have to choose the right sized t-shirt before printing the design. You don’t want to choose random t-shirts without checking the sizes, to end up with a t-shirt you or your friends can’t fit into! Another tip to remember is that your design may not look great on all color backgrounds. So choose a colored t-shirt that complements your design well.