9 Easy gift ideas for your husband on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is generally associated as a woman’s day; however husbands also expect appreciation and care on this special day. Husbands even love gifts, but not flowers, candies and jewellery like women love.

Husbands love receiving useful things like a key chain, hi-fi gadgets and things like bracelets, musical CDs, books and speakers. If you want to make February 14 special this year for your husband, here are some easy but great gift ideas to consider.

1. A gift basket with his favorite things like massage lotions, a book, a pair of personalized boxer shorts and a CD of romantic songs will really delight him.

2. If your husband loves alcoholic drinks, you could present him some exotic beverage. Just make a visit to the local winery and buy a rare beverage or take him to a wine tasting party.

3. As men generally love some sport or the other, presenting him a ticket to a game with his friend will be a gift he will surely appreciate.

4. For husbands who love movies, buy two tickets for a movie running in the theaters and place it in a gift box with chocolates. He will love both the chocolates and the opportunity to see a movie with you!

5. If it’s within your budget, you could always present your husband a plain gold chain with a simple design.

6. Perfumes are a sure-fire gift for any occasion. So look for some good perfume options for your husband.

7. If you are looking for a romantic and practical gift, a silver car key chain is a simple and great gift to consider for your husband this Valentine’s Day.

8. For the DIY husband, power tools like nailers, saws, cordless drills, etc make perfect gifts.

9. Spending time together makes a great gift for a special day. Send your kids to their grandma’s, grandpa’s place or a friends’ place and go out to dinner. Then do something fun together like a movie or rent a hotel room and just soak yourselves in a hot tub.

Even posting notes of appreciation of his love and care throughout the bathroom and bedroom for him to read as soon as he gets up makes a great gift. Whatever you do, your husband will really be shocked, and delighted to receive a gift from you this Valentine’s Day.