7 Gift ideas for your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has become more of a reason to show one’s love to one’s partner. February 14th is the day you can show your love and admiration for your boyfriend through a thoughtful gift. If you can’t figure out what gift best shows your love for your boyfriend, you will find this list of gift ideas helpful for you.

1.Customized coffee mug

A personalized coffee mug makes a great gift idea. Buy a plain mug and decorate with a special design. To add more spice add memorable snapshot of you two with words describing your love.

2. Handmade card

 A handwritten card is always better than a standard card as you can express your exact thoughts through these cards. Use your creativity and all the usual things you used for making cards when you were smaller like construction paper, doilies, gel pens, glue and glitter.

3. A scrapbook of your relationship

You should have a collection of all the concert passes, movie ticket stubs, photos and event programs of all the special times together. Just buy a scrapbook, stick all this memorabilia of your relationship in it and spike it with some foam hearts, stickers and other similar scrapbook decorations.

4. Collage

Your boyfriend will love having a collage of pictures of you two together hanging on his wall. Decide and buy a tag board based on the size of the collage you want and arrange and cut photos of your different relationship stages to fit the tag board and then glue on the photos.

5. Dinner invitation

Plan a delicious dinner for Valentine’s Day for both of you and type up a dinner invitation on stationary with hearts and flowers. Do mention that he is the only guest to your romantic Valentine’s Day dinner.

6. Coupon books

Don’t buy but make a unique coupon book using strips of paper with things you could do for your boyfriend like ‘One Free kiss’, ‘A free dinner’, etc. Staple them together and present the booklet to your boyfriend to tear and encash the coupons as required.

7. Sugar cookies

Heart shaped sugar cookies are the perfect gift for boyfriends with a sweet tooth. Bake and decorate the cookies using red or pink tinted frosting with your names or words like ‘I love you’ and ‘yours only’.

See? It’s now left to you to choose and decide on the best gift to present to your boyfriend and make this Valentine’s Day special!