6 Not-So-Ordinary Baby Shower Gift Ideas

It’s your best friend’s baby shower, and you want to gift her something unique and useful for her and her baby. Instead of presenting her with the usual newborn baby sets of powder, shampoo, and baby dresses, why not give her something special like these unique baby shower gifts?

  1. Car seat cum stroller

This is a useful gift if your friend has a car, as she will be doing some traveling with her kid in the car. Instead of buying separate units, a stroller that can also be used as car seat saves on your storage space and is better for transferring the baby into and out of the car.

  1. Vest with attachment for bottle or pacifier

Your friend will love this gift as it means the end of the hassle of picking up dropped bottles or pacifiers. The baby will remain quiet and content with the bottle or pacifier in the attachment.

  1. Personalized onesies

Babies need a never-ending collection of clothes. So why not present your friend with a set of customized onesies to fit the baby at different ages? You can print a similar or mixed messages like “I’m a product of Mr. and Mrs. XXX” or ‘Don’t mess with me! I make the rules!” on a set of 5-6 similar or differently colored onesies.

  1. Baby food blender

Babies pretty soon have to start eating solid foods. And there’s no better way to introduce them to fruits, vegetables, and other foods than by blending them into delicious smoothies and pastes. This is indeed a useful gift for your friend!

  1. Bouncing cradle

Why not present her with a bouncing cradle offering perhaps five different movements for your friend to choose. These motions stimulate the same motions parents to do while holding babies so that the mother can carry on with her work while her baby is kept entertained by the cradle. Some units also have a provision for playing your baby’s favorite music.

  1. Stroller storage unit

As your friend will be spending long walks and perhaps even doing her shopping with her baby with her in the stroller, a stroller storage unit proves very helpful for her. It can hold various accessories like phones, some change and even a magazine or two for your friend to read while at the park.

You can now choose, and present something different and useful to your friend on her baby shower which she will remember and be reminded of you whenever she looks at them!