6 New Year Gifts 2018 For Your Girlfriend Within Your Budget

The New Year’s around the corner and you are looking for a little sweet something to present your girlfriend as a memoir of all the beautiful moments spent in 2017, and a gift welcoming the New Year 2018.

It’s just that you are on a budget, and still want to give something unique and special. Well here are a few gift ideas your girlfriend will appreciate this New Year!

1.    Exotically perfumed candles

Most women love the alluring fragrance of scented candles. If your girlfriend is one of them, this is the ideal gift to usher in the New Year!

2.    Box of chocolates

This is a gift that never fails, especially with women. Women have always been famous for their sweet tooth, and weakness for chocolates. So if your girlfriend is a chocolate lover, then she will love to usher in the New Year with a box of chocolates.

3.    Personalized hoodies

If you plan to paint the town red while ushering in the New Year, then a customized hoodie will make an ideal gift to keep her warm during your midnight prowess. You can, in fact, have two hoodies tailored for both of you to wear while you go galloping across town this New Year!

4.    Teddy bears

Who said teddy bears are only for kids? Lots of girls out there love cuddling up to a teddy bear, especially on cold nights. So if your girlfriend likes stuffed toys, she’ll always welcome a new addition to her collection!

5.    New Year diary

This is just what an organized woman needs to start the New Year, a journal. A woman who’s always used to planning her things and want things to go on a schedule will always need and appreciate a diary as a gift. Not only is the present useful, but it also shows that you care about your girlfriend and are thankful for all the time she sets aside for you.

6.    A bouquet of roses

This is another gift that never fails as girls love flowers, especially roses. It has a calming and therapeutic feeling on them and also beautifies the room with its scent and colors!

There you go! You now have six gift options to choose from to make your girlfriend’s New Year special this year. These gift ideas will not only bring a smile on her face; it does it without burning a hole in your pocket!