6 Motivational Corporate Gift Ideas for the New Year 2018

New Year is the perfect time and reason to show your appreciation to your staff and co-workers. They have worked hard at helping you meet deadlines and deserve a pat on the back. So take a look at these corporate gift ideas you could consider to usher in the New Year with your employees and staff?

1.    Desk set with a pen holder

This is something useful for your employees. They will always need a place to keep their pens and of course, everyday workplace knickknacks. So a desk set and a pen holder make a useful gift to start the New Year.

2.    Personalized coffee mug

Why don’t you mass print coffee mugs for the entire team with a personalized message or design on them? You could perhaps have something like ‘We did it!’ or ‘XXX is the best!' printed on the customized coffee mugs. The mugs not only make a nice souvenir for the year, but will also be used for drinking coffee during coffee breaks.

3.    A gold or silver pen set

Show your appreciation for your staff and co-workers by presenting them a golden and silver pen set in a box. It’s left to you to choose the brand based on your budget. But just make sure that instead of an ordinary pen, you gift them something unique in gold or silver!

4.    Unique business card case

Business card cases are a necessity for anyone working. You and your co-workers receive so many cards on a daily basis; you find it difficult keeping track of all of them. So instead of misplacing the cards, gift them not any ordinary business card case, but something that’s unique and special enough to commemorate the New Year.

5.    New Year’s Diary

A diary also makes the perfect New Year gift. Have a few mass printed with not only your company logo and details, but also make it special by including a few inspirational thoughts and perhaps a few important phone numbers.

6.    Corporate gift hamper

If it’s within your budget, or if your team has raked in quite a reasonable profit for the financial year, you could perhaps create your corporate gift hamper for them. It could include an organizer, a pen, a diary, a wallet, pen stand and even a small clock to keep at their workplace. Everything they will need to work better for improved productivity in the coming year.

These six cool corporate gift ideas will inspire and keep your staff and co-workers happy, and make them put even better efforts to generate more business to your company in the coming year 2018!