5 Unique New Year 2018 Gift Ideas for Your Husband

The New Year is an excellent time to give a present to someone you love for no reason! You can show how much you think and care about someone as unique as your husband by gifting him something useful and thoughtful this New Year. If you need help with some ideas, here they are!

1.    Gun ice tray

How about downing a few shots with a few actual guns this New Year? Instead of making usual ice cubes, your husband will enjoy making unique, cool ice guns to enjoy with his drinks. And once he’s done with his ice guns, you can always use the mold to bake some dessert for him!

2.    Beverage dispenser

This is another useful addition to his bar counter. A beverage dispenser helps maintain the fizz of the beverage for hours after opening it as it locks the bottle and dispenses the drink full of fizz. It’s also easy to use; he just has to attach it to his soda or soft drink bottle and turn the bottle upside down like a beer keg. He then twists and pours himself as much soda or soft drinks as needed!

3.    Personalized Apron

If your husband loves cooking and grilling in the kitchen, then why not gift him a customized Batman or Superman apron? He’ll feel much roe comfortable wearing them than aprons with floral imprints. Besides, your gifting him a superman personalized apron will also prove what and how you think about him!

4.    Bullet shaped lighter

Instead of presenting him a regular lighter, a bullet-shaped lighter or any other uniquely shaped lighter will make an ideal New Year gift for your husband. It’ll be even better if you select a refillable lighter with an adjustable flame for him to use as and where required.

5.    Mobile holder

And if he loves enjoying his match or favorite sitcom or movie on his mobile phone, why not get him a cell phone holder as a gift? It’s easy to use as he just has to plug an end to the table, while the other end clutches his phone while he relaxes on the sofa or bed. Just make sure you choose a mobile holder that fits phones of all sizes, including his and yours!

These 5 gift ideas are affordable and are all unique pieces most men don’t have. They all prove worthy of a New Year gift as it’ll usher in 2018 on a different and unusual note!