5 Gift Options Your Fiancé Will Love Receiving on Valentine’s Day

Coming up with unique gift Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your fiancé can be challenging. You don’t want to gift the usual pair of cufflinks or a beer mug. If it’s something unique you are looking for, these gift ideas may just fit your bill!

  1. Portable BBQ suitcase

If your fiancé loves to BBQ, then he’ll appreciate this portable grill. All he has to do is open the briefcase to find a fully functioning charcoal grill that can comfortably cook for two at an intimate date in the park or even in the small balcony of your apartment. You can also add a few portable grilling tools and a cookbook to increase the gift’s value!

  1. Water resistant shaving kit

A shaving kit makes an ideal gift for your fiancé who spends lots of time traveling and staying in hotel rooms. Instead of buying a ready set, why not make your own using his unique shaving preferences.

Just buy a water-resistant zippered Dopp kit and fill it with his preferred shave set, cologne and shaving cream to gift him something he’ll be reminded of you every day while using it.

  1. Personalized baseball cap

It doesn’t matter if your fiancé likes to play baseball or watch matches to cheer his favorite group, he’ll love doing it wearing a customized baseball cap. You can have any of his favorite team’s names printed onto the hat so that he can wear his cap with pride at the next match he plays or watches.

  1. Wireless gaming console

A wireless gaming console like the Sega Genesis will keep your gaming enthusiast fiancé entertained for hours. The many pre-loaded games will also make him nostalgic as he remembers bygone days. And just in case he still has some favorite old cartridges, they just may work as well on the console!

  1. Monthly snacks

If your fiancé has a habit of midnight binging, why not gift him a convenient snack-of-the-month subscription? It’ll add some variety to his binging in case he’s fed up with the usual potato chips and pretzels.

These subscriptions typically offer an assortment of five salty, sweet, chewy and crunchy snacks which is sent out on a rotating basis every month. You get to decide on the frequency of the gift like once in three, six or 12 months wherein you receive a confirmatory message to send the gift to your fiancé accordingly.

Any of these five unique gift ideas are sure to make the ideal Valentine’s Day gift for your fiancé this year. It’s all left to you to decide which gift you will present him!