3 Tips for choosing the best Halloween costume for your child

Halloween is a special occasion for most kids as they look forward to wearing their costume, which they will remember for years to come. It’s quite natural that every child wants to look the eeriest, scariest and the most outrageous from the lot. So if you need inspiration to find the perfect gift, here are some gift ideas.

1. Ask your kid for suggestions

Why not ask your child first for suggestions? They will definitely have some ideas in mind as to what they plan to wear for Halloween. If they don’t have an idea, or are unsure about it, you can make some suggestions based on their personal interests. Kids generally love costumes on varied themes like TV characters, sports figures or a beloved animal, which they hold special to themselves. You can surprise them by not divulging your intentions, but by finding out what they want a week or two before Halloween and then finally buy one. Remember, there’s also the chance of their changing their minds at the last minute, which is why you need to give them time before you finally make your choice.


2. Something common vs something unique

Don’t forget to ask your child if they want to blend with the crowd, or prefer wearing something that makes them stand unique in the crowd. If they want to look unique, personalized t-shirts with their favorite idol or character imprinted on it, or if it’s for an older child, why not customize a hoodie based on their hero? You know your child best, and will be able to come up with the best customized gift for them this Halloween!

3. Don't forget comfort

Remember, not only color and personalization, the costume also has to be comfortable for your child to wear. They will be doing a lot of walking while going trick-or-treating, so it’s important that they are cozy in their costumes. Their costume should give them full range of movement, and it’s better if you don’t buy too tight a costume. There should be sufficient space for your child to war a thin layer of clothing underneath. If you are thinking of a customized t-shirt or hoodie, make sure it’s made of a loose-fitting material like cotton or t-shirt material and not something synthetic which they may feel uncomfortable in. You can also forget the heels that come with your child’s fairy costume and make her walk around in her shoes instead!


With these 3 ideas in mind, you will be able to come up with the perfect gift costume to make this Halloween a much more memorable and cozy one for your child!